Submit your site

SITEJOY is all about websites that are fast and responsive, if your site meets our criteria then please submit it for consideration. If you have any questions, check out the FAQs.


3MB page size on initial load Initial page size should be no more than 3MB in size.
If you fall short of this, consider lazy loading which is now supported natively and by the browsers used to review submissions.
80+ PageSpeed Score Your website needs to have a PageSpeed that averages 80 or more between mobile and desktop and both must be above 70.
Works without JavaScript Progressive enhancement FTW!
Sites that work without JavaScript are prefered.
JavaScript Limits Where JavaScript is used, the initial load can contain no more than 200kB of JavaScript and you should try keep the number of files served to a minimum (5 or less is perfect).

Analytical tools are not counted in this limit.

General advice

Use a CDN For common JavaScript and CSS frameworks.
Also consider using a CDN to help distribute your content to locations that will reach your visitors faster.
Optimize images Load images at an appropraite size and compress them if you can.
Lazy load your assets Lazy load assets where possible for a better experience.


If you're ready to have your website reviewed, submissions are currently only accepted via Twitter.